Lament Blog Tour Stop #10!

Hey friends! Did you all have fun with the Lament Release Day festivities yesterday? Well, the party isn't over yet! Not only is the blog tour continuing, but the official Online Lament Release Party takes place Thursday from 8-10pm EST! (As in, tomorrow!) RSVP here to save your spot to party and win prizes! Today… Continue reading Lament Blog Tour Stop #10!


Lament Blog Tour: Release Day! The Themes of Lament

Today is Release Day! *runs around the house screaming* To celebrate, I've got a special post to share with you on the Lament Blog Tour! Just as any story will always hold a special piece of the writer within its pages, the themes of Lament reflect ideas I've often struggled with. The Themes of Lament… Continue reading Lament Blog Tour: Release Day! The Themes of Lament


Lament Blog Tour Stops #6 + 7!

Yay! Stops #6 + 7 in the Lament Blog Tour are up! Check it out, Caffeinated friends. You won't be disappointed! *cartwheels* I'm so excited that we get to hang with Tabitha Caplinger who has a visual post of the World of Lament! *squeals!* You’ll find her post here. This girl has some amazing books out herself. Be sure to… Continue reading Lament Blog Tour Stops #6 + 7!


Lament Blog Tour Stop #5!

Another blog tour stop, Caffeinated friends! Yesterday was Lament Blog Tour Day #5! *happy claps* We visited with Laura A. Grace who hosted a Guest Post: The Writing Process! *woo hoo!* You’ll find that here. Feel free to leave a comment! I'd love to hear what you think of how Lament came to be! Stay tuned today for another post in the Lament Blog… Continue reading Lament Blog Tour Stop #5!


Lament Blog Tour Stop #4!

Hey Caffeinated friends! Welcome to Lament Blog Tour Day #4! *squeals* Who's ready for not one, but two posts? Today we're visiting with Laurie Lucking for a sneak peek of Character Spotlights! *clapping* You’ll find that here. Feel free to leave a comment! There's also an Insta post of Lament with Marie Godsey! You can find her Insta account here. Thank you to both… Continue reading Lament Blog Tour Stop #4!


Lament Blog Tour Stop #3!

We made it to Lament Blog Tour Day #3! *woot* Today we've got a super fun post that I think you'll enjoy! *cartwheel* We get to hang with Kellie Parker as she hosts an Interview with the Characters of Lament! *happy dance* I think you'll find this one quite...um, interesting. *giggles* Find it here. Be sure… Continue reading Lament Blog Tour Stop #3!


Lament Blog Tour Stop #2!

Are you ready for Lament Blog Tour Day #2, Caffeinated friends? The Lament blog tour continues with the very first review! *eep* Today we'll be visiting the lovely Abigail McKenna at her blog Novels, Dragons, and Wardrobe Doors! (Isn't that the most fun name, ever?) Find it here. Her review is thorough and so well done. *hearty… Continue reading Lament Blog Tour Stop #2!


Lament Blog Tour Stop #1!

Hey Caffeinated friends! Today is the beginning of Lament's blog tour! *stuffs a cupcake in her mouth* The first stop is a Behind the Scenes peek over at J.M. Hackman's blog, Jilligan's Island. Find the post here. Be sure to drop a comment. I'd love to hear your thoughts on today's post! Ready for more… Continue reading Lament Blog Tour Stop #1!

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Caffeinated Fiction Updates 2020!

Hey friends! I realize it's been a hot minute since I've last posted but wanted to let you know that I'm still alive! *tosses confetti* "Why Laura, you've been silent for so long! What have you been up to?" Welp, lots. Over the past four months: I've completed a NaNoWriMo with a brand new YA… Continue reading Caffeinated Fiction Updates 2020!

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KEEN Blog Tour: Day Eleven!

It's my birthday! *blows party horn* When my publisher told me the week my book would release, I couldn't be more excited! I will always share the birthday of my first book baby with my actual birthday! And guess what? I've got a party going on and I want YOU to attend! No matter where… Continue reading KEEN Blog Tour: Day Eleven!