Laura L. Zimmerman is a homeschooling mom to three daughters, and a doting wife to one husband. She lives in a suburb of the ultra-cool Charlotte, North Carolina. Besides writing, she is passionate about loving Jesus, singing loudly, snuggling her cats and pretending to do yoga.

An avid coffee drinker, she gave up eating meat fifteen years ago and is a sucker for anything zombie related. She’s been married to her Mr. Darcy for 21 years and feels it’s her life goal to pass along her obsession with the Star Wars saga on to her offspring.

She loves to read sci-fi and fantasy for YA and MG, which in turn, bleeds through to her writing. (Watch your back: She occasionally writes horror, too!)

Drop her a line, leave a review of her work (please!) and tell your friends about her. She’d love to infect one more person on this planet with the love of getting lost in a good book!

You can connect with her through Facebook and Twitter.

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6 thoughts on “About”

  1. Hey Laura! 🙂 I stumbled across your blog through the Recommendations link, and I just wanted to tell you I really enjoyed the flash fiction pieces I’ve read so far! Really felt like dropping a line for some reason, and I’m stoked to see that you enjoy writing, singing, coffee, yoga, Star Wars… yeah I’m into all that, too. Haha 😀

    1. Hi Gayle! I love stumbling upon blogs too! Such fun to find something you connect with. 😉 I’m so glad you’re enjoying it. ☺️ And who could go wrong with coffee and Star Wars, right?? 😍

      1. Your flash fiction pieces are so good and full of potential to turn into longer works! 😁

        I just have to ask: have you read any of the Star Wars books? 🙂

  2. Glad to find your blog! I’m a homeschool mom and flash-fiction writer, too. I love sci-fi and am writing a soft sci-fi novel (my first). I wish you the best and look forward to reading more of your work.

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