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KEEN Blog Tour: Day One!

It's that time!! KEEN is a week and a day from releasing so it's time for the blog tour to begin! *throws confetti* Are you as excited to dive into the world of KEEN as I am? Check out the blog tour list at the bottom so you don't miss out on fun behind the… Continue reading KEEN Blog Tour: Day One!

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Flash Fiction Friday: The Awakening

Today is the day! Allwyn will receive her wings, the most important event in a faerie’s life. She pads across damp moss-covered ground, shadows sprinkled around her from the great canopy of trees. She makes no sound as she moves, something she’s always taken pride in. With effort, she pushes open the door to the… Continue reading Flash Fiction Friday: The Awakening

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Flash Fiction Friday: Fairy House

Agatha bounced through the front door with a bright smile on her face. She could barely see over the object that filled her arms, the same one that put that smile in place. “Mama! Look what I made at school this week.” The six-year-old huffed to catch her breath as she gently—as gently as a… Continue reading Flash Fiction Friday: Fairy House

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Flash Fiction Friday: Secrets

“I know your secret.” Abigail crossed her arms. “What—” Her dad blinked. She held a shiny quarter. “This was under my pillow.” He swallowed. “Oh?” Little Abigail tilted her head. “You’ve been giving me these in exchange for my teeth.” “I don’t know—” She opened her dad’s closet. “Admit it. You’re the tooth fairy.” Her… Continue reading Flash Fiction Friday: Secrets

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Flash Fiction: The Battle of the Tree

“Have the reinforcements arrived?” The fairy’s voice wobbled but he tightened his grip on the tree branch beneath him. He’d just received this promotion and his first mission was under way. “No, Commander Winter,” Lieutenant Snowflake yelled from a nearby branch. The tree swayed slightly under the weight of her fellow soldiers as they took… Continue reading Flash Fiction: The Battle of the Tree

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Flash Fiction: Wisps

"Come on, Lettie. It's getting dark. The Wisps will be out soon." Emerson looked around the thick forest, her blue eyes wide. "Stop with the toddler-tales," Lettie groaned and plucked another jacaranda blossom from a tree. "You're almost eight. You don't really believe all that fairy nonsense, do you?" She sniffed the flower and walked deeper… Continue reading Flash Fiction: Wisps

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Flash Fiction Friday: Honey

"Heather, did you take the honey?" The little girl withered. "It was a full jar," Momma said. "Well...." Heather fidgeted with her dress. Momma crossed her arms. "Did you give it to your imaginary friends again?" Heather looked down. "How many times have I told you?" her Momma huffed. "It's a waste of food! We'll… Continue reading Flash Fiction Friday: Honey

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Flash Fiction Monday: Legends

“Good luck, Sarena!” Freyren said. He held his tanned back straight as one hoof pounded the brambled ground in anticipation, a gentle smile on his lips. Those centaurs loved anything that had to do with adventure. The sweet scent of blackberries followed me as I took flight. “Thanks, Frey!” His son, Brayden, was just my… Continue reading Flash Fiction Monday: Legends

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Flash Fiction Friday: Rebirth

A bright globe, orange and yellow and shades of white, blazed above. Light that accosted her eyes, caused her to squint. Where was she? Pain ached through her limbs, a zip along her back, as she pushed up. Then another sensation, a pulse and a twitter, a flap to her sides. A flutter that made her jump. Wings!… Continue reading Flash Fiction Friday: Rebirth