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BURN Blog Tour: Interview with author JM Hackman

Welcome, JM Hackman to Caffeinated Fiction. We're happy to have this chance to learn a few secrets about your upcoming release, BURN! Let's jump right in! Did you always plan for THE FIREBRAND CHRONICLES to be a trilogy? When I wrote Spark, I had no idea how many books would be in the series. I… Continue reading BURN Blog Tour: Interview with author JM Hackman

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Flash Fiction Friday: Quarantine Prom

Ruby twirled in front of her mirror, her champagne colored dress spinning, too. Her smile waned. The pandemic had swept the world in a matter of weeks. School = canceled. Graduation = postponed. Senior year = ruined. Prom = gone. Her stomach clenched as she snatched up her phone and fell onto her bed. Her… Continue reading Flash Fiction Friday: Quarantine Prom

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Caffeinated Fiction Updates 2020!

Hey friends! I realize it's been a hot minute since I've last posted but wanted to let you know that I'm still alive! *tosses confetti* "Why Laura, you've been silent for so long! What have you been up to?" Welp, lots. Over the past four months: I've completed a NaNoWriMo with a brand new YA… Continue reading Caffeinated Fiction Updates 2020!

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KEEN Blog Tour: Day Twelve! The End.

Friends, today is the last day of the blog tour. I'm not sure how I feel about this. Release Day was three day's ago. Two day's ago I had my local Launch Party. Yesterday was my Facebook Release Party. Things are winding down. It sort of feels like a wedding. Looots of build up, fantastic… Continue reading KEEN Blog Tour: Day Twelve! The End.

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KEEN Blog Tour: Day Eleven!

It's my birthday! *blows party horn* When my publisher told me the week my book would release, I couldn't be more excited! I will always share the birthday of my first book baby with my actual birthday! And guess what? I've got a party going on and I want YOU to attend! No matter where… Continue reading KEEN Blog Tour: Day Eleven!

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KEEN Blog Tour: Day Ten!

KEEN has released into the world but the blog tour isn't over yet! Today we've got another special surprise for you: An interview AND a review of KEEN. Yay! The first stop is with with an interview! I've known Kelly for a number of years through writing groups and am happy to call her friend!… Continue reading KEEN Blog Tour: Day Ten!

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*Release Day* Happy Book Birth-day, KEEN!

KEEN is officially in. the. world. *squeals* I want to share the full journey of KEEN. Because, in the beginning, my first book was supposed to be a book about a mermaid. I'd written a novel. About mermaids. I took it to my first Realm Makers Conference in July 2017. But before I left... My… Continue reading *Release Day* Happy Book Birth-day, KEEN!

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KEEN Blog Tour: Day Eight!

KEEN releases tomorrow, people! Ahhh! *runs and hides under the table* I can't believe release day has finally arrived. You've got one more day to message me with your proof of purchase to receive pre-order goodies for FREE!! *squeals* The blog tour continues with another Behind-the-Scenes Feature! This one is hosted by the fabulous J.M.… Continue reading KEEN Blog Tour: Day Eight!

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KEEN Blog Tour: Day Seven!

We've got a special treat today! Not only is it day seven of our tour, but fellow author Ruth Douthitt has shared an interview with me about KEEN on her podcast A Writer's Day! You can find the podcast link here. Ruth and I had a great time talking about writing as therapy, the writing… Continue reading KEEN Blog Tour: Day Seven!

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KEEN Blog Tour: Day Six!

The blog tour is officially half way done! *jaw drops* Caffeinated friends, this week has flown by! I can't believe KEEN releases in just three days--three! Don't forget to pre-order your copy today and email me proof of purchase (a screenshot will do!) to receive pre-order goodies on release day! (Sneak peek: you'll receive TWO… Continue reading KEEN Blog Tour: Day Six!