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Flash Fiction Friday: Quarantine Prom

Ruby twirled in front of her mirror, her champagne colored dress spinning, too. Her smile waned. The pandemic had swept the world in a matter of weeks. School = canceled. Graduation = postponed. Senior year = ruined. Prom = gone. Her stomach clenched as she snatched up her phone and fell onto her bed. Her… Continue reading Flash Fiction Friday: Quarantine Prom

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Flash Fiction Friday: Quarantine

Quarantine Day 1: Deadly virus spreads. Entire country housebound 30 days. Military delivers staples, medical supplies weekly. No one allowed out, including medical personnel. Quarantine Day 7: Family bored. Elderly neighbor Mr. Wilson injured at home, military medical staff arrive, take him away. Quarantine Day 10: Mrs. Wilson says unknown when husband will return. Quarantine… Continue reading Flash Fiction Friday: Quarantine

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Caffeinated Fiction Updates 2020!

Hey friends! I realize it's been a hot minute since I've last posted but wanted to let you know that I'm still alive! *tosses confetti* "Why Laura, you've been silent for so long! What have you been up to?" Welp, lots. Over the past four months: I've completed a NaNoWriMo with a brand new YA… Continue reading Caffeinated Fiction Updates 2020!