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Flash Fiction Friday: Quarantine

Quarantine Day 1: Deadly virus spreads. Entire country housebound 30 days. Military delivers staples, medical supplies weekly. No one allowed out, including medical personnel. Quarantine Day 7: Family bored. Elderly neighbor Mr. Wilson injured at home, military medical staff arrive, take him away. Quarantine Day 10: Mrs. Wilson says unknown when husband will return. Quarantine… Continue reading Flash Fiction Friday: Quarantine

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Flash Fiction Friday: Invasion

Aliens aren't real. That's what I've been told the last twelve years of my life, anyway. Sure, science found a single-cell life form somewhere in our system, but it can't even talk back. What good is that? In our vast universe of planets, stars, and galaxies, we are the only intelligent life. That was, until today. Today… Continue reading Flash Fiction Friday: Invasion