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Caffeinated Convo: Camp NaNo or Time for a Vaca?

Hey guys! Guess what time it is? You guessed it–Camp NaNoWriMo! With July 1 just around the corner, it’s time to prep for that once a year writing camping trip a la internet! The only question is: Are you joining me for camp, or is it time for you to take a vacation? 

If your answer is no, I totally understand! I hadn’t actually planned on doing NaNo camp this year, simply because I feel like my brain is going to explode (some days) and I was really looking forward to summer break. Buuut, then I got a great idea for (another) book and a friend invited me to join. So in, I am! I’m ready for meeting new cabin-mates, encouraging other writers, racing to win Word Wars, and meeting my word count goal! Woot!

What about you? Will you be writing with Camp Nano this year? Please leave a comment below if you are–I’d love to connect! And even if you aren’t, feel free to discuss what fun vacation plans you have coming up!

Happy camping, friends!

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2 thoughts on “Caffeinated Convo: Camp NaNo or Time for a Vaca?”

  1. I will be doing a modified version of Camp NaNoWriMo this year. My goal right now is to finish editing episode 4 by June 30, then for Camp I’ll edit episode 6 and write/revise episodes 6 & 7. It will be difficult, because I have a family reunion to attend in July. Are you doing the classic 50,000 word goal for Camp?

    1. Ha! No way for that word count! Lol. I’m aiming for 20,000. We have guests coming this weekend, so I’ll lose a couple days from the start. Then I leave July 26 for Realm Makers and don’t know if I’ll get anymore written for the month! 😛 I figure a 1000 per day for the days that I CAN write will do the trick. (I hope!) 😉 Good luck on your next episodes of Jeremiah Jones!! I can’t read the next one when it comes out on Saturday!! 🙂

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