Caffeinated Convo: Camp NaNo or Time for a Vaca?

Hey guys! Guess what time it is? You guessed it–Camp NaNoWriMo! With July 1 just around the corner, it’s time to prep for that once a year writing camping trip a la internet! The only question is: Are you joining me for camp, or is it time for you to take a vacation? 

If your answer is no, I totally understand! I hadn’t actually planned on doing NaNo camp this year, simply because I feel like my brain is going to explode (some days) and I was really looking forward to summer break. Buuut, then I got a great idea for (another) book and a friend invited me to join. So in, I am! I’m ready for meeting new cabin-mates, encouraging other writers, racing to win Word Wars, and meeting my word count goal! Woot!

What about you? Will you be writing with Camp Nano this year? Please leave a comment below if you are–I’d love to connect! And even if you aren’t, feel free to discuss what fun vacation plans you have coming up!

Happy camping, friends!

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Caffeinated Convo: Beverage of Choice

Let’s talk!

With the start of February I thought I’d begin something new! (*Cartwheel, flip*) I want to know YOU! What better way to do that than through conversation?

Each Tuesday on Caffeinated Fiction, we will have a ‘Caffeinated Convo’ where I pose a question of the week and YOU answer! Feel free to dialogue amongst each other, and not just me! I’d love for a few of us to get to know one another!

This week’s burning question (literally):

What is your hot beverage of choice? 

Now, I know there are very strong alliances within the coffee and tea camps, but are there any other hot drinks I’m missing? Please leave a comment and let’s talk! 

My BOC is, well, coffee! (Hence the Caffeinated part of my blog.) But how do I take it, you ask? Well, pretty much however you’re willing to make it! Black. Just milk. Milk and sugar. That beloved flavored creamer. Or any and ALL hand-crafted espresso options (nom nom nom.)

Your turn! I’d love to get to know you!


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How to Write a Novel (Without Going Insane)

You want to write a novel, right? Easy, you think. I’ll just sit down and write whatever comes into my head. But then you get stuck, so you look up some blog posts for help. They suggest you read ‘this’ book or ‘that’ book on the technical aspects of writing. Suddenly, you find you not only need to enroll in classes, but you’d better get yourself to Conferences and join things like NaNoWriMo! Meanwhile, your book isn’t written and you now have the mindset that you’ll never be a writer until you’re published and that you can’t be published for at least ten years, if you are to believe everything you’ve read about finding an agent/publisher!

So you stop writing your novel. *Sigh*

I hear you. When you first get the idea to write a book, it seems so easy! Then you start the process and find that it’s actually complicated, and your first instinct is to give up.

But please don’t!

Read this post first, and if you still decide that writing that book of yours isn’t worth your time, then go enjoy what truly burns deep in your heart. But don’t walk away from your dream of writing a book just from what you’ve discovered as you began the daunting task of putting pen to paper.

Here are a few thoughts on How to Write Your Novel (Without Going Insane)  Continue reading

Be relentless.

re-lent-less: adj. oppressively constant; incessant. 

I did not want to go to the gym and exercise this morning. The past seven days have been less than stellar, I have a mound of work to do and a sick child at home. Things have been so busy, that I missed getting there yesterday and the day before. It would have been so easy to say, ‘No. I have too much going on in my life right now. I can’t go.’ But I didn’t. I dragged my sorry butt in there, despite the constant bombardment of excuses that floated through my mind. I hopped on that elliptical, then did an hour of yoga. And, oh my! I’m seriously glad I did! The benefit I got from being able to destress and take some time for myself was priceless.

Then I got home. Again, it would’ve been so much easier to grab a frozen pizza and shove it in the oven. I  would have enjoyed a slice or two. Or the. whole. thing. But I didn’t. I made a healthy hummus and avocado sandwich, since I knew it was good fuel for my body. And I felt so much better. 

And then I sat down. Which wasn’t cool, since I needed to get to work on my edits. But I was tired, I told myself. Yes, but at the end of the day, I would regret not doing what my heart desired (to write!) but I would never regret doing it. So, up I went and got to clicking away on my keyboard. Again, a physical weight seemed to lift from my shoulders and I felt a hundred times happier. 

I get lazy, just like any other person. And it would be easy to give in to that laziness. But the problem is, laziness never takes into account the desires of my heart, the things I most enjoy and want out of life. It only looks for the easy way out. Which inevitably makes me feel bad about myself.

Relentless. It’s the word that came to mind when I thought about what today had been. I’d been relentless in my desire to be active and exercise. I’d been relentless in my goal to eat healthy and only put good things into my body. I’d been relentless about taking time in my day to do what I love, love, love to do. To write. (Even though laziness tried to tell me it’s not what I wanted.)

So, I’m here to say to you, that you can do it, too! Don’t give up. No matter what yesterday or the day before looked like, today is new with no mistakes in it. (Thanks, Anne of Green Gables!) Do not lose your focus on your life goals. Have a pile of dishes in the sink? That’s ok. Go play with your kids! The dishes will wait. Have a pile of paperwork to be done? That’s ok. Go do that thing you’ve been wanting to get to all week long. You will thank yourself later, for taking time for the little things in life.

Especially when you realize those little things, were really the big things.

Be relentless.

‘I have fought the good fight, I have finished the race, I have kept the faith.’ 2 Timothy 4:7