Caffeinated Convo: Camp NaNo or Time for a Vaca?

Hey guys! Guess what time it is? You guessed it–Camp NaNoWriMo! With July 1 just around the corner, it’s time to prep for that once a year writing camping trip a la internet! The only question is: Are you joining me for camp, or is it time for you to take a vacation? 

If your answer is no, I totally understand! I hadn’t actually planned on doing NaNo camp this year, simply because I feel like my brain is going to explode (some days) and I was really looking forward to summer break. Buuut, then I got a great idea for (another) book and a friend invited me to join. So in, I am! I’m ready for meeting new cabin-mates, encouraging other writers, racing to win Word Wars, and meeting my word count goal! Woot!

What about you? Will you be writing with Camp Nano this year? Please leave a comment below if you are–I’d love to connect! And even if you aren’t, feel free to discuss what fun vacation plans you have coming up!

Happy camping, friends!

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NaNoWriMo 2016: The End

Just wow!! I can’t believe NaNoWriMo 2016 is finished! And did I mention I WON?! How did everyone do? Did you meet your goal? Are you still alive??

Here are my final stats for the month:

Total Words Written: 54,086 (According to the NaNo site. Somehow when I verified my words with NaNo I lost 200+ words that Word says I had??)

Number of Chapters Written: 43

Well, I survived my very first ‘official’ National Novel Writing Month! It was intense and there were days I doubted I would be able to keep up the pace, but I can look back and say it was definitely worth it! NaNoWriMo was great incentive to get my next manuscript going and I’m excited to get it finished up so I can share it with all of you!!

What about you? Did you meet your word count for the month? How was your experience with National Novel Writing Month? Will you do it again? Please comment below! I’d love to hear your thoughts!

Happy writing, friends!



NaNoWriMo Wrap-Up: Week #4

Week #4 of NaNoWriMo–Aaannnddd I’m done!



Here are my stats and what I hope to accomplish next week! (Even though I don’t have to!)

Words Written This Week: 9,943

Total Words Written During NaNo: 51,070

Total Number of Chapters Written: 42

Word Goal for Next Week: 4,000

So close, guys! Just a few more days and we’ll be done! Since I’ve already won NaNo, I set my goal low for the last 4 days–just 1000 words per day! Still motivation!

How did you do this week? Do you think you’ll make it? Comment below!

Happy writing, friends!


NaNoWriMo Wrap-Up: Week #3

Week #3 of NaNoWriMo is over! *cartwheel, backflip* Yippee!! Here are my stats and what I hope to accomplish next week!

Words Written This Week: 11,204

Total Words Written During NaNo: 41,348

Total Number of Chapters Written: 36

Word Goal for Next Week: 10,000

How did it go? Are you ahead of your word count? What did you learn this week about your characters and the direction of your plot? Comment below!

Happy writing, friends!


NaNoWriMo Wrap-Up: Week #2

Week #2 of NaNoWriMo is finished! Yay! Here are my stats and what I hope to accomplish next week!

Words Written This Week: 16,666

Total Words Written During NaNo: 30,278

Total Number of Chapters Written: 27

Word Goal for Next Week: 10,000

How did it go this week for you? Did you meet your word count? What challenges do you face to hit your daily word count? Comment below!

Happy writing, friends!


NaNoWriMo Wrap-Up: Week #1

Week #1 of NaNoWriMo is finished! Phew! Here are my stats and what I hope to accomplish next week!

Words Written:  13,612

Number of Chapters Written:  14

Word Goal for Next Week:  14,000

What about you? Did you meet your word count this week? How was your first week of National Novel Writing Month? Comment below! I’d love to hear your stats, too!

Happy writing, friends!


NaNo2016: What’s on your playlist?

It is here!! Finally! I’ve seriously been thinking about all things WriMo for well over a month now. And yes, I did indeed have the proverbial nightmare-where-I-missed-writing-any-words-on-day-one dream, the night before it all started. But thank God, it wasn’t reality! I actually got almost 4000 words written yesterday! *happy dance, happy dance, happy dance, and jazz hands*


What has been a great motivator for me? Music, of course!! There’s nothing like a steady beat to keep those fingers tapping the keys! Tee-hee!

So, what’s on my playlist? Well, I need to warn you first: I’m a bit of a freak, when it comes to music! Most people prefer soft, slow melodies that inspire and relax. Not me! Send me the upbeat, fast-paced fighting music! I love the adrenaline rush from music that evokes images of battle scenes or heroic pursuits! Bring. It. On, people! The faster the music, the faster my fingers type. My brain just seems to connect with those characters and that dialogue and it flies from my hands. Woo-hoo!!

Here is a list of what I have in my NaNo2016 Playlist:

Battle music from The Gladiator

Sailing music and Irish dance songs from Titanic

All 3 theme songs from the Indiana Jones movies

Game of Thrones theme song (Come on! How can you NOT have this one?)

Battle music from the Harry Potter movies

Battle music from Game of Thrones

Dance music from The Princess Bride

Music from Lord of the Rings

And finally, Lost Boy by Ruth B. (The only song with words, but for some reason, the thing gets my brain in the ‘fantasy’ mood and I can think straight!)

What am I very obviously missing? Star Wars music! Yes, I know. I found that weird, too, but couldn’t seem to make it fit with this mix. Also, I really wanted Doctor Who, but again, it didn’t work. And yes, I did spent many hours listening to these songs–switching the order around over and over again–to get the perfect balance of encouragement for my writing!

What about you?? Do you have a playlist for NaNo? Please, share below what you have on yours! I’d love to add a few more songs to my vault of inspirational music!!

Happy writing (and listening!), friends!

#NaNoWriMo2016 Insanity!

Okay, writing people. I have decided to do NaNoWriMo! My first ever ‘official’ dive into the craziness of 50,000 words in a single month! After all, the world needs my novel, right?


Not gonna lie: I’m scared. Really scared.

Why? Because I’m an overachiever. If I set a goal and don’t meet it, I’m more likely to spiral into a depression over it, than I am to let it roll from my shoulders and remind myself that the world won’t end if I don’t meet my goal. So, everything about this scares me simply because I’d love to not end 2016 with sadness and frustration.

Which is where you come in!! I know I can’t be the only one who feels this way. So, if you are doing NaNo, leave a comment below with your user name and I’ll add you as a Buddy! (My user name is simply my official author name! Laura L. Zimmerman!) Please do the same for me and we can encourage and cheer one another on during this month of insanity!

What do you say? Are you up for NaNo? Or are you taking this year off? Feel free to leave a comment about your past experiences, too. I’d love to hear as much about this crazy world of Word Sprints and Write Ins as possible!

Stay tuned for updates on info about my WIP and how my month is going!! I promise I’ll blog something this month…I already have some Flash Fiction and book reviews ready to post, just for my CF readers! Yay!

P.S. Did you know there’s a Young Writers Program, for those below the age of 18 that love to write just as much as us wacky adults? It’s set up similar to NaNo but gives a bit more freedom for students who already have a school workload. Check it out here and encourage a young writer to sign up! 


Happy writing, friends!


Who’s ready for camp?

Many of you may remember my time at Camp NaNoWriMo back in April and how much fun I had! Well, it was such a great time, I’ve decided to ‘go’ to camp one more time! Camp NaNoWriMo begins another month long session starting July 1 and runs through July 31. Once again, this is a condensed version of the official NaNoWriMo, which takes place in November and requires a word count of 50,000. For the Camp version, you set your own writing goal and get to hang out in a ‘cabin’ with other writers. This is a great place to find encouragement and to bounce ideas off other writers when you hit a snag. I met some really great people last time around and just plain had fun!

Screen Shot 2016-03-31 at 10.07.56 AM

So, who wants in? Check it out here if you’d like some more info. I’m thinking of heading up a cabin if enough people want to join. Feel free to leave a comment below or contact me directly to let me know if you’re interested! Don’t miss out on this super fab opportunity to go to ‘camp’ this summer, and to get a little writing done while you’re at it!

Happy reading, friends!

Welcome to Camp NaNoWriMo!

Who’s ready for camp?? Camp NaNoWriMo is a fun twist on the annual writer’s event that takes place in November. While the late fall commitment requires a word count of no less than 50,000, Camp NaNoWriMo is a bit more laid back with any word count you prefer to set for yourself! The idea is to set a goal you can reach, and to encourage one another to reach that goal. (*happy dance*) 

Screen Shot 2016-03-31 at 10.07.56 AM

This super fun way to challenge yourself comes complete with a cabin of other writers who you can bounce questions off of and who will help inspire you on your journey. There is a message board within your cabin so communication between your ‘cabin-mates’ can flow freely, without the pressure of outside eyes. The only rule is to write!! Your goal is to write every single day for the month of April. You have a camper info section where you can update your daily progress and the website will even break down how many words per day you need to write to meet your goal! Sweet!  Continue reading