My Big Idea.

How many caught my latest Flash Fiction yesterday? It wasn’t a Friday but it made for a good intro for today’s post. *wink, wink* Recently I mentioned that I had a big idea for the New Year that I would share at a later date. Well, today is the later date! *Cartwheel*

So, just what is this big idea, you ask? Well, it’s actually rather simple…

My goal for 2018 is to submit at least 1 Flash Fiction piece to a contest or for publication every month of the year! 

Okay, it may not sound like much to you but for me this is big. Like, big big. See, I’ve had these grand ideas in the past to submit more often than I do, but then I’ve gotten waylaid and the whole plan has gone to the side.

Enter, YOU!

This is why I’m posting this here–for all your lovely eyes to see–so that I can be held accountable. *gulp* Yeah, it’s a little scary that I totally might fail and will miss submitting for a month (or six.) But my writing won’t get published unless I’m submitting. And nothing compares to a nice slice of humble pie if I fail, amiright? I figure I’m more likely to submit if I know you all are watching. And waiting!

Here’s to swallowing some pride and getting some writing done for 2018! 

Feel free to check in and ask me how things are going. I’d love the accountability and promise I won’t get miffed with you for asking. *insert cheesy grin*

That is all, my friends. I hope you’re having a productive and peace-filled week before Christmas! 



Here is a picture of my kitty in reindeer ears to make you smile. Did it work? 


What is Flash Fiction? And The August Challenge.

So, if you’ve been following my journey in FF, you’ll know that I didn’t dive into this crazy world until 2016. Just after the New Year, I got into a convo with a friend about it and decided to give it a go. (You can find that post here.) If you haven’t guessed, I’ve pretty much fallen in love with it and have done my best to stick to weekly stories, posted every Friday.

As the title of this post suggests, I have a challenge for the month of August, for any who would like to join me. But first I want to ‘define’ what classifies FF. (Or try to.) When I first jumped into this mysterious universe, I had no idea what I was doing. I Googled it and got just as many answers as I did blog posts. In all honesty, the parameters are fairly vague, unless you are writing for a contest or specific website. The following are a few guidelines to help specify how you can jump in with your own stories!

Flash Fiction is:

1. Short. Duh. Okay, search the web and you’ll find mixed reviews on the word count. One website suggests less than 2000 words, another denotes no more than 1000. From what I’ve found, the most popular opinion is less than 500, although others will swear that anything over 100 is no longer considered FF. And of course, there are those that challenge you to less than 50 or even 10 words! (Technically those last two are considered Micro Fiction. Crazy, I know!) Whatever word count you choose, just stick with it. Challenge yourself to stay within that count and do your best not to go one word over. It will make you a better writer and a better editor. Continue reading

‘It’s my Birthday’ Flash Fiction Challenge!


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It’s my birthday! And in honor of it, I’d love for all of YOU to do some WRITING, of course!


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Here’s the challenge:

Since I turn 42 today (Yes, you read that right. I did not invert those numbers. *wink*), my challenge to you is to write a Flash Fiction story in – you guessed it! – 42 words or less!! And, of course the theme must be Birthday! Be creative – the story doesn’t have to be about a birthday, as long as the reader can see how it’s related in some way.

Screen Shot 2016-07-11 at 7.01.56 AM

Photo cred Unsplash Chris Lawton

Once you’re done, feel free to either publish on your own social media then copy and paste the link in the comments below OR just copy and paste the whole story below. (Since it’s only 42 words, and all!) And yes, I will be doing this with you!! I just need to come up with an idea now… 😉 Lol!!

Get those creative juices flowing! I can’t wait to hear what you all come up with!!

Happy writing, friends!

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