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‘It’s my Birthday’ Flash Fiction Challenge!

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It’s my birthday! And in honor of it, I’d love for all of YOU to do some WRITING, of course!

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Here’s the challenge:

Since I turn 42 today (Yes, you read that right. I did not invert those numbers. *wink*), my challenge to you is to write a Flash Fiction story in – you guessed it! – 42 words or less!! And, of course the theme must be Birthday! Be creative – the story doesn’t have to be about a birthday, as long as the reader can see how it’s related in some way.

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Once you’re done, feel free to either publish on your own social media then copy and paste the link in the comments below OR just copy and paste the whole story below. (Since it’s only 42 words, and all!) And yes, I will be doing this with you!! I just need to come up with an idea now… 😉 Lol!!

Get those creative juices flowing! I can’t wait to hear what you all come up with!!

Happy writing, friends!

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18 thoughts on “‘It’s my Birthday’ Flash Fiction Challenge!”

  1. This was not an easy feat. I had a little over sixty words, but was able to cut it to exactly forty-two.
    I hope you like it!

    Another foster home. Her tenth birthday. She had no expectations.
    “Dinner!” New foster mom called.

    Foster mom cleared the table and returned from the kitchen.
    “Surprise!” Foster Mom carried a cake with candles. Foster Dad pulled a gift from under the table.

  2. She thought she’d never see this day. They say that time has a way of flying by but was it only yesterday when we celebrated her birthday in Chorister’s Choir? We sang and ate cupcakes until the icing dripped down our chins.

    1. It was the birthday she wanted to forget. Her car died. She was late to work. Her computer crashed. One of her heels broke. She tearfully went to bed.
      “Where, shall we go for your birthday tomorrow?” Her husband asked.
      She smiled.

  3. Ok! Here’s my crack at the challenge!! 🙂 Enjoy!

    The gift wrap fell from the box. I lifted the lid. A note.
    Turn around, it said.
    My dad – deployed to Iraq eight months ago – stood before me.
    Tears clouded my eyes. I crumpled into his arms.
    Best birthday ever.

  4. Here’s one more story that my mother wrote! 🙂 She asked me to please post this for her, so enjoy this story by Tina Bradshaw!!

    Gracie was so excited. Today was her 12th birthday and she had been promised a kitten. Entering the SPCA she spotted the orange fur ball and fell in love instantly. Gracie cuddled the purring kitten. Her best birthday present, her forever friend.

  5. A man kneels, heart empty, wispy grey hair blowing in the wind. He holds a glass rose in his hand, the one thing she loved so much. she crafted with her hands, the last gift she’d given before Death stole her away.

  6. Well, what can I say? Every year I dread this day.
    Another year older I will be, with more aging for all to see.
    So, suck it up buttercup, light the candles and sing.
    For who know just what another year will bring.

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