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The Beauty of Distracted Writing

I used to think I couldn't write unless I had at least an hour or more to devote to it. Which, of course, rarely happens, since a little thing called 'life' always seems to get in the way. Day after day of zero word counts would pass, and my frustration would only grow. Finding the time… Continue reading The Beauty of Distracted Writing

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May in Review

Enough of you ask me how my writing is going, that I thought I'd start doing reviews every so often. Last month happened to be a fantastic month when it came to writing, so I thought I'd start there! Here are my basic stats for the month of May: * Editing: Goal - 310 pages;… Continue reading May in Review

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The Inspired Writer

Recently I read a post by another blogger who posed the question to other writers, Are you currently in a writing mode? It was an interesting question, one I hadn't considered recently, as I've been caught up with things of life. My writing has always gone in waves, some months much more productive than others.… Continue reading The Inspired Writer