Caffeinated Convo: What are your Sleeping Habits?

Over the past few weeks of travel I’ve slept in various locations–hotels, family guest rooms, the bedroom of a college student. Each time we’ve moved on I’ve had to be sure I grabbed all the essentials. But when it comes to essentials, sometimes they go beyond just a toothbrush and underwear, amiright? Essentials mean sleep! 

I’ve got a good friend who cannot sleep without a fan on. She literally has a fan in every bedroom of her house and she owns various sized fans specifically for travel. When I first met her, I thought she was the exception. I’d never met anyone who couldn’t sleep without a fan before. But over the years, I’ve found countless people just like her–all must have white noise to fall asleep. Which begs the question:

What are your sleeping habits?

Do you need white noise to fall asleep? Does your iPhone work overtime at night by playing sounds of the ocean or rainforest? Or maybe gentle music is just what you need to catch a bit of shut-eye?

For me, I must have the most completely complete silence on earth possible. Even the sound of a car driving down our street or a cat meowing by our window will certainly spell disaster for Mr. Sandman and me. (Luckily I don’t have a husband who snores!) Therefore, I’ve become good friends with earplugs over the years. Yes, they can be annoying at first, but once the vacuum of noise has been sucked away, my brain sort of sighs and does a few cartwheels, then settles in for a good night’s rest.

What about you? Do you need white noise to get through the night? Or are you able to fall asleep in any situation? I’d love to take a poll and see just how many white noise people there are verses people like me! Please leave a comment below, friends! 


Photo credit Unsplash by Kalegin Michall


3 Things I Learned from a Month of Silence

So, I took a break from blogging. It wasn’t intentional… at first. But then it happened, and then I sort of liked it, so then I just kept at it. For a month. 

I had actually ended the month of August quite well, and even had a few blog posts mapped out that I planned to put up the first week of September. But then school started, and life got busy. And then it was September 4, September 7, and gosh, it even became September 10! And still no blog posts. *Sniffle, sniffle* And I wanted to write – I actually, honest to God did! – but then I had this crazy thought: ‘What if I took a break?’ Like a for real break, where I did it on purpose?

So I did.

friends break

When I first got the bright idea to take the rest of the month off, there was absolutely zero intention of making this a learning lesson. But somewhere, somehow, I learned a few things anyway. So be it.

Here’s what I learned on my (*almost*) month sabbatical from Caffeinated Fiction.  Continue reading