Caffeinated Speculation: How about that Game of Thrones trailer?

I will admit, I had intended on discussing the new (and improved?) version of The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance, coming out on Netflix in 2018. Buuuttt then Game of Thrones had to go and release the newest trailer for season 7! Eep! Game over. We’re talking GoT, peeps!

For years I resisted the urge to follow the hype and watch this show. And truth be told, I didn’t even start watching this thing until last summer. However, thanks to DVD’s and streaming (and that wonderful thing called Content Filtering–I honestly have no desire to see that many naked people!) I was able to catch up and became a full-blown GoT-addict! Yes, between my daughter and I, we *might* own a number of Funko Pop characters, t-shirts, mugs and other fun GoT paraphernalia. I’m a geek. You already knew that.

So, let’s get to that trailer! (You can check it out here, if you haven’t seen it.)

It starts of with Cersei being all high-and-mighty, but quickly changes to all the trouble she’s going to face in season 7, ’cause trouble she will see! (I will be so happy once someone finally knocks that girl down for good. Ugh.) Anywho, what really got me was when Danny stands in front of those massive doors that open on Dragonstone, the ancestral home to House Targaryen. (Yes, I totally had to look that up. I was confused that she had entered Westeros but then was sitting on a different throne from Cersei!) When Danny says, “I was born to rule the seven kingdoms. And I will.” Chills, y’all! Woo hoo! I so want her on that throne. (No disrespect, Johnny-boy.)

Speaking of which…yes, I am a big fan of House Stark, and Johnny is a good little boy, but I’m still holding out that there can be an alliance between him and Danny? (Please, please, pretty please?) I’m sorry, but I just don’t want to see either of them fall! (“King of the North!”)

We see Melisandre (she’s back!), lots of fun fighting with the Dothraki’s (Cersei’s army doesn’t stand a chance!), Johnny getting in Petyr’s face (Take that, Little Finger!), and DRAGONS! Ahhh! So exciting! We see glimpses of my fav, Tyrion (yay!), along with Arya (Eye-ahhhhh), Sansa, and many others who will likely die because, Game of Thrones! Duh! It rounds out with Jon Snow saying in that smoldery-gravelly voice of his, “The great war is here.” Oh yes, Johnny-boy, it is finally here! *squeal*

Sooo, what did you think? Were you as giddy as I, while watching it? And did you go back and rewatch the thing…ahem, fourteen times? (Asking for a friend.) Please leave a comment below! I need to rejoice with other GoT fans!

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Photo credit Game of Thrones, HBO


Caffeinated Speculation: “Games of Thrones”: The Return of a Favorite Character?

Okay, before I go any further, if you are a GoT fan and have NOT watched the most recent season, do NOT read any further. I do not want to be held responsible for ruining your week/month/year just because you weren’t aware that a favorite character may not have survived last season! So, without further ado: SPOILERS! (There. Fair warning.)

Now, on to my speculation. So, my oldest daughter and I are fairly big (read: ridiculously geeky!) fans of Game of Thrones. (I will admit, my daughter more so than I. She watches every possible fan-made video and researches all theories on the subject. No lie.) And I can also say, our most favorite character of all time was the beloved Hodor, who bit the dust in the most tragically romantic way in season 6. (Well, sort of romantic. The whole Bran-vision/past-being-future thing was sort of surreal, if not crazy heart-wrenching. It took many minutes–hours–to come down from that cry-fest when we finally got around to watching the episode.) And yes, we are among the many fans who noticed that, although Hodor did what he was told to do (“Hold the door!”), and despite the fact we saw many a White Walker hand punching through the door to take him to a disgusting grave, the audience didn’t actually see what really happened to him. No, we aren’t hopeful enough to assume he survived the attack (although, that would be cool, right??), but we have long discussed the idea that maybe we will see our adored character come back as the dreaded White Walker. *gasp* Continue reading