Guest Blog Post: Five Courses of the Rough Draft

Hey guys! I’m on the road again, back in Delaware and ready to head into Pennsylvania, as well. (I know! I just can’t stay put! *wink*)

Today I have the privilege of Guest Posting on fellow writer Kellie M Parker‘s blog! Check out my post “Five Courses of the Rough Draft” and stick around to see what other fun things Kellie has to say about her writing journey!

Hope you all had a good Memorial Day! Happy writing, friends!


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5 Courses of the Rough Draft – Are you hungry yet?

Rough Drafts can be a tricky thing. The process that one author takes will look completely opposite from that of another. Each of us have our own style, techniques, and rhythm we abide by – even if we aren’t aware we stick to a routine.

For a while I felt the pressure to write my manuscripts the same way other authors would write theirs – and in the same time frame! One of my favorite authors regularly blogs that she can write a book in about a month. Another friend I spoke to yesterday said she’s lucky to get one manuscript done in a year’s time. And I even have a friend who said she’s always been such an editor, that writing is a very long process – a single novel of hers is now in the 3-4 year range, and still not complete.

The more I read other blogs and talk to fellow writers, it’s clear there is no cookie cutter way to write a story. Everyone is different, every writing process is different, and these are all good things. Some of the most successful authors publish multiple books a year, but even more authors publish only 1 per year, or 1 every few years. There is no rule that says a writer must produce a certain amount of work to be a success.

We’ve been called to write, and that’s what we need to do.

Here is the process I take when writing my own rough drafts: Continue reading