One Book, Two Book, Three Books… This isn’t Dr. Seuss!

Yesterday I gave an update on my monthly challenge, so today I thought I’d update where I am with my writing. I do realize I still have that ‘Watch Me Write’ section on the sidebar of my blog, promise! But here’s a bit more in depth look at where I stand with my writing.

Orphan Princess – This is the manuscript that has been in my agent’s hands since early 2016. I did just send it out (once again) to another beta reader who caught a few more grammar/spelling errors (ACK!), and a publisher has asked me to do a minor revision to include a theme that aligns with their company before they will read the entire manuscript. The plan is to tackle these things within the next two weeks and see where that leads.

BW Braid

The Prophecy Tails – The idea for this trilogy came to me around Christmastime last year, and I successfully knocked out book one in the series by late February 2016. Book two quickly followed, with that rough draft completed by late spring. I did begin writing book three at the start of our move this summer, but it got waylaid and I haven’t revisited it since. It’s about 25% finished. My goal is to finish that rough draft by participating in NaNoWriMo in November. We shall see if I can get this entire series drafted by the end of the year!! That will mean 2017 will be a year of revision. (*blink, blink*) Continue reading


My #WIPjoy September Update

Some of you might remember I took up an August challenge to write Flash Fiction every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. At the end of the month I was pleased with how the challenge of meeting that goal really helped push me toward more blogging. So, I decided to dive right in and take up another monthly challenge for September–this time through the daily #WIPjoy Twitter post! 

Because this is shows up in my Twitter feed, you may have missed many of my updates on my WIP. So I thought I’d give an update on how it’s going and which WIP I chose to focus on for this month! 

The Book – Almost 2 1/2 years ago I self-published a series of six novellas titled ‘Now I Sleep’. Over time, I realized I wanted to get the series professionally edited to ensure my best possible work was available. At the suggestion of my amazing editor–Nadine Brandes!–I decided this past spring that I would combine the six novellas into one single full length novel. Although the info for the individual novellas remains on my website (under the Books section), it will be updated once the revisions and edits are complete. ‘Now I Sleep’ is a YA Sci-Fi fictional work that takes place in present day, as well as in the future. 

The Tweets – Surprisingly, I’ve actually done quite well keeping up with this! I will admit, consistency is my Achilles Heel, but the encouragement I’ve seen on Twitter has helped motivate me to stay up a few extra minutes before bed, to be sure I got that tweet done! I have missed tweeting twice, but made up for it the next day. I’ve made a number of new contacts on Twitter and hope to join in with the next #WIPjoy, once it comes around! 

The UpdatesThe good news is, this challenge has kept me on my toes and helped guide me in my edits/revision on this book! Major things were cut, major things were added and it helped me focus in on the themes and struggles that may have been glossed over within the series. I’ll follow with a few of my favorite tweets from this month, in case you’re curious to see what this book is about!!

I’m already on the lookout for my next monthly challenge for the month of October! If anyone has any suggestions, feel free to leave a comment below! Or tell me about a challenge you’ve joined in this month or year! Oh, and don’t forget to follow me on Twitter if you haven’t done so!! 

Happy writing, friends!

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What I’ve learned in the past 12 months…

I’ve been meaning to write this post for a while. It wasn’t until in recent conversation with a fellow writer that I was reminded it had been floating around in the back of my mind and it needed to get out. The journey of this lesson actually began more than two years ago, when I was in the midst of writing my novella series.


Many of you have asked why I’ve pulled that series from the virtual retail world, and if they will ever be available for download again in the future. The answer to the latter part of that question is, yes. The answer to the first part of the question is a bit lengthier and has taken shape over the better part of 12 months.

For those who aren’t familiar with my novella series, Now I Sleep, I refer to a work that I first began self-publishing in April 2014. Over the course of the next 6 months I released the remainder of the series, until all six novellas (that tell one single story) had been published. This series is a YA sci-fi mystery, set in present day, as well as the future.

To sum it up for you, there are two main reasons why I pulled these novellas from circulation in the late summer of 2015. First off, this was my maiden voyage into the self-publishing world. Although I had given each of the novellas a thorough revision and edit process – as well as feedback from beta readers – I did not realize at that time just how valuable professional editing is, no matter how minor the work. Throughout the early months of 2015 I felt a strong conviction that anything that bears my name should be the best possible work I can possibly provide. So until I get the process finished – with professional feedback given from an editor – they will not be available for download. The good news is, they are currently under revision as we speak! I’m excited to use the awesome services of Nadine Brandes and hope to apply her revision suggestions to the series this summer, for a fall 2016 re-release. Woo-hoo! Continue reading

Happy Fourth! Free Books!

Happy Fourth of July from Caffeinated Fiction!

Screen Shot 2015-07-04 at 12.39.08 PM

I’m finally back from vacation! 🙂 While I was away, I had intended on doing a special ‘Vacation Edition’ of the monthly giveaway for the blog. But fun times were had and June slipped away before I got the chance! So, to make it up to you, I’m going to make my novella series – NOW I SLEEPfree for the entire month of July! Just visit and use the coupon codes below to download each of the 6 books for free. There are multiple formats to download, so you should be able to find one appropriate for your device.

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Free Books for Thanksgiving!

Happy Turkey Day! 


I’m hoping each of you will have a chance to visit with family or friends today and can reflect on your thankfulness for 2014 and the upcoming 2015. Eat lots of food, play some football in the front yard and take a nap!

I thought I’d celebrate with all of you by making all of the novellas in my “Now I Sleep” series free until Sunday! The first book is always free on Smashwords, iBooks, Barnes and Noble, Kobo and other fine retailers. (Sorry, Amazon has a thing about not making books free.) So, I’ve created coupon codes for you to use at Smashwords for the next 4 days only! Click on each picture to be redirected to the Smashwords site. As always, they have 8 different formats in which you can download the book, so you can read it on whichever reader you may own! (Hint: Mobi format is for Kindle)

P.S. Notice the fun Easter Eggs that are hidden on the cover of each one. As you read, look for the clues that relate to that object! 😉

Synopsis: Delylah and Sadie – two teenage girls that have nothing in common, yet share a connection that spans space and time. When their worlds collide, what will it mean for them? Will they discover the truth of who they really are? Only one will survive to face the future. This story is told through the course of 6 novellas. YA, Fantasy, Sci-Fi.

NowISleep6 Clock in Tree

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‘Now I Sleep (A Novella Series) Book Six’ – Now available!

It is done. That’s it folks. Seriously. When I began this crazy adventure back in April, I didn’t think about what this day would actually feel like.

The final novel in my novella series has been published. 

Wow. Just wow.

NowISleep6 Clock in Tree

I cried a few months ago, when I typed the very last words of this installment, and I cried a few weeks ago, when I edited them for the final time. The journey of Sadie and Delylah has come to an end. And people – I am so happy!

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Coming to the End

So, here I am. At the end of a journey that has taken the better part of a year. I still remember the convo I had with a fellow writer about the idea of releasing one of my works in novella form. I had been encouraging her to step out and just publish what she had written, and not to fear what others thought. Then I realized I needed to take my own advice.

The “Now I Sleep” novella series was first released in April 2014. The last one will be available this month.


And I’m a little sad.

Yeah, I’m crazy happy, too. I mean, I finally did what I said I’d always wanted to do. I stopped talking about ‘someday’ and made that ‘day’ today. I finally got my work published and in the hands of friends and family who have long supported me, asking (read: begging) to read what I’ve written. *Cartwheels and handsprings* There is not enough Starbucks in this world, to satisfy my joy!

I’m elated that it’s almost complete. And weirdly enough, I’m a bit bummed, too.

I’m a little down that I won’t get to dive into Delylah’s world again, that Sadie and Gabe will now have their fictional world in which to drift away, the imaginations of my readers in which to live. I wish I could explore Angus better – to throw in his backstory, so readers could get to know him on a deeper level. And what of Stella? Oh how I would love to be a fly on the wall in her life. So, yeah. I’m finished, yet I’m sad, too. Continue reading

Why I am going to miss my deadline; and this is a good thing.

Dear friends,

The next and final installment of my novella series, “Now I Sleep” is slated to be published by the end of this month. I’m sorry to say, that’s just not going to happen.


Phew! There! I said it!

Honestly? I’ve been dreading telling those that have faithfully been following the series, that they were going to have to wait a little longer to find out the fate of Sadie, Gabe, Levi and company. I didn’t want to have to come out and admit defeat – I just haven’t had the time to edit this story properly. Yeah, yeah, I could give multiple reasons why I’m missing my deadline, however, I’m not sure you really want to hear anything from me other than the date it will be coming out! This, I can tell you, will be October! I’m not going to venture out and give an exact date, so as not to disappoint once more. But I assure you, another month should be plenty of time for me to get things lined up to finish this series. Continue reading

My Beta is my Alpha and why I feel stuck

So, I’ve been doing this writing thing for a while now. (Technically ever since I can remember.) Even before I published my first novella back in April, I had done months (read: years) researching publishing options, reading books and blogs on honing my craft and basically trying to figure out how to hit this thing without looking too much like a newbie. (Not sure I accomplished that 😉 )

So pretty much since day one of pubbing the “Now I Sleep” series, I’ve been stressing about those Beta readers. Ya know, those people who read your work after it’s mostly edited, and are willing to give their honest opinion to help out that author with the brain that’s turned to mush throughout the writing process of this amazing-work-of-art-over-which-they-are-no-longer-able-to-be-objective? Yeah, them. Well, I had one solid beta. I tried to get more, I really did. I sent out PDF’s of some of my work to multiple people. But most of them either didn’t bother to read it, never finished it or just didn’t have much to say about it. (“It was good” wasn’t exactly what I was hoping for.)

So, I’ve got this one beta, and I’m thinking, “That’s ok, more will come along.” But then one day, I’m reading a blog and a brand new word is thrown out. My world stopped and all I could think was, “Whaaaaat?!”



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“Now I Sleep: Book Five” published!

It is finally here! The next book in the ‘Now I Sleep’ series has been released on Amazon and through Smashwords! This means it will be available to download from Smashwords and Amazon now, and will be on other retailer websites – like iBooks, Barnes and Noble and Kobo – within the week! Yippee!!

NowISleep5 Bug

I know I’m technically a day late getting this out – it had been promised in August and we’re now 7 hours into Sept 😉 – but editing took a little more time while on vacation, than I thought it would! I guess I needed to finish this project before hitting the waves and the beach! Oh well! At least you have it now!

If you haven’t begun reading the story of Sadie and Delylah, be sure to pick up the first book for free on most major ebook retailer websites, and on Amazon for .99 cents!  Continue reading