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Book Review: ‘Nil Unlocked’ by Lynne Matson

It was just about a year ago that a friend of mine handed me a book - 'Nil' by Lynne Matson - instructing me to 'Read. Now.' When I finally picked it up... I literally didn't put it down until it was done! Ok, ok, I exaggerate. It may have taken me 2 days to read... but only because I insisted… Continue reading Book Review: ‘Nil Unlocked’ by Lynne Matson

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Missing Imaginary People

An occupational hazard as a lover of books is becoming attached to the characters. Lately I've been thinking about a few specific characters from the book review I gave last week ('Never Never' by Hoover and Fisher). Silas and Charlie have been bouncing around inside my head, driving me crazy. I just want to know what's… Continue reading Missing Imaginary People

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Book Review: ‘Nil’ by Lynne Matson

A friend of mine read this a few months ago and it came highly recommended, so I was happy when I had a little free time this weekend to finally get it read! "Nil" by Lynne Matson is a YA Sci-Fi novel that will hook you from the very first line. The premise is simple: On… Continue reading Book Review: ‘Nil’ by Lynne Matson