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Flash Fiction Friday: Bathtime

“Do I have to take a bath?” Lydia clutched her stuffed teddy close to her chest. Her mother tested the feel of the bathwater and shut off the faucet. “Of course. Tomorrow’s a big day. You can’t be stinky.” She tweaked Lydia on her nose. Lydia refused to smile. “But Mommy, what about the drain?… Continue reading Flash Fiction Friday: Bathtime

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Flash Fiction Friday: The Ocean

Saltwater slips from the ends of my hair as I surface. The ocean is warm, sunlight reflecting off the choppy waves. My arms and legs move in tandem while I circle and twist and soak in the essence of the sea. I squint at bright blue sky, a seagull busy overhead, calling to his friends… Continue reading Flash Fiction Friday: The Ocean

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Flash Fiction Friday: The Song

The men had dropped anchor just off shore. I knew their kind. A quick visit to the mysterious island, maybe find a treasure or two. That's what men always think. That they'll be quick. Safe. "See any you like, Rai?" my sister, Mollie, said. I shook my head, even though it was a lie. The… Continue reading Flash Fiction Friday: The Song

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Flash Fiction Monday: Legends

“Good luck, Sarena!” Freyren said. He held his tanned back straight as one hoof pounded the brambled ground in anticipation, a gentle smile on his lips. Those centaurs loved anything that had to do with adventure. The sweet scent of blackberries followed me as I took flight. “Thanks, Frey!” His son, Brayden, was just my… Continue reading Flash Fiction Monday: Legends

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goals and books about mermaids…

It's done! Today I put the glorious words THE END on the final chapter of my current manuscript. Yippee!!  I had the goal of finishing it up by the end of April, when I joined Camp NaNoWriMo, but the story got away from me and I knew I still had a handful of chapters left… Continue reading goals and books about mermaids…