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Flash Fiction: Perfect Pumpkin

The pumpkin was simple, yet unique. Not your average shade of tangerine orange. More of a rich honey color. Three faint kelly green stripes bled from the stem, reaching halfway down one side. The shape was mostly round, a small bulge the size of a fist near the top. Perfectly normal for carving a perfectly… Continue reading Flash Fiction: Perfect Pumpkin

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Flash Fiction Friday: Trick-or-Treat

“Is my wig on straight?” Scarlett tugged on the ends of the yarn. Maddie nodded, her smile missing a front tooth, the bow on top of her Cindy-Lou-Who hair, bobbing. The best friends glanced back at their moms who walked slowly behind the pair. They weren’t quite old enough to trick-or-treat alone, but at least… Continue reading Flash Fiction Friday: Trick-or-Treat

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Flash Fiction Friday: Do You Wanna Know?

“Wanna know when you’re gonna die?” Samantha shivered. Was Janie serious? What a morbid thought. She and her fellow eighth grader stood beneath a tree, outside the gates of the old Hamilton Cemetery. This classic rite of passage was their task for this All Hallows’ Eve. “I’ll go first.” Janie lifted her chin. Samantha watched… Continue reading Flash Fiction Friday: Do You Wanna Know?