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Flash Fiction: Gym Rat

“Donna? It’s been so long. You look great! How much weight have you lost?” Rose gave her old friend a hug as they stood in the check-out line at the store. “Over fifty pounds.” Donna’s cheeks glowed with excitement. “I’ve got another twenty to go but I’m happy with my progress so far.” Rose nibbled… Continue reading Flash Fiction: Gym Rat

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Caffeinated Convo: How do you stay active?

Confession time: I would love to be a runner.  Weird, I know, but it's true. I've got lots of friends who run 5K's, train for marathons, or even lead the local chapter of their Girls on the Run group. Every time I see a picture on Facebook or hear one of them talk about their… Continue reading Caffeinated Convo: How do you stay active?