Caffeinated Speculation: ‘Doctor Who’ Who?

Now that Peter Capaldi has officially announced that he is stepping down from his role on Doctor Who, the internet has been abuzz about possible replacements. Honestly, I try to ignore all speculation when it comes to future characters or storylines of iconic shows, since all it ever really does is get my hopes up for an actor who will likely not ever get that role! But in our long hours of driving across the US, this topic came up and it’s been on my mind ever since.

So, who will become the next Doctor? Well, many months ago, it was suggested that Matt Smith might have been tapped on the shoulder for a second run as The Doctor. He’s made no secret of the fact that he loved playing that character and that if given the chance he would entertain playing him once more. But does that mean he really would pursue this option? And if so, would the producers go in this direction? The idea of a ‘degeneration’ for The Doctor would in fact be quite a unique storyline since fans have long known The Doctor can only ever have thirteen lives. And since Capaldi currently holds the twelfth spot, that would mean this next Doctor would be the last. Ack! Unless, of course, they find a loophole to extend the life of the show. (*cartwheel*) A ‘degeneration’ does seem like a plausible concept, doesn’t it?

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Matt Smith

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A3 Post – The Doctor Knows Best

Hey guys! Remember how I announced that I would be writing the Fantasy/Sci-Fi column at Almost an Author? Well my first post – ‘The Doctor Knows Best’ – went live on Friday! Click here to read my Doctor Who influenced post about the importance of strong character traits!

Have any thoughts to share? I’d love to hear them below in the comments!

Happy writing, friends!


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Listen to The Doctor. (or 3 Ways Dr. Who Can Make You a Better Writer)

The Doctor. Two simple words. Say them in proper company and you will fall into an hour long conversation without so much as a blink. (*Pun totally intended!*) 

Okay, okay. This guy has been around for generations – literally. And honestly, I find it fascinating that a TV show about a Time Lord and his Companions has captivated so many throughout the years. (A show other than Star Wars, at least. *wink*) This summer, my eldest daughter and I have taken to re-watching the series again (the more recent releases), now that it’s on Amazon Prime. (Oh no worries – we watched it when it was on Netflix, too. There is no such thing as too much Dr. Who. Tee-hee.) 

So without further ado, here are 3 Ways Dr. Who Can Make You a Better Writer!

1.Rule Number One: The Doctor lies. Oh my friend, you had better learn this one, quick! Because in any given episode, right at the height of the action, when things look most bleak, you will often find The Doctor had it under control the entire time – via a Little White Lie. Or a major one! Let’s be honest – lies make a story interesting. I challenge you to find a book – any book – where there isn’t some sort of lie right in the middle, which is either what creates the drama in the first place or at least adds a large amount of tension. Lies are sort of the basis of all inter-personal relationships – or rather, what makes them break down. Not that I’m suggesting you do it, but in a story, it works. Example: The MC wants to protect his/her love, so they lie, therefore breaking said ‘love’s heart. Come on, a lie has created the perfect ending to so many stories – especially when the reader is led to believe the hero/heroine will be the one to sacrifice his/her life, only to leave the reader in tears when another beloved character tricks that MC, gives their own life and saves everyone else. Boo-hoo! So, lies: If you want to be a good writer, get those characters telling false-hoods! (It’s literally the basis of every single Disney show out there.)

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