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Flash Fiction: Furry Friend

Morning sun crept through the bedroom window. Marlene yawned. A pounce jostled her. Her cat Butterscotch joined her in bed. The cat bumped Marlene’s back, forcing her to lift the covers so he could climb in. She complied, the drum of purring vibrating from beneath the covers. Marlene scratched beneath his chin. Her beloved roommate.… Continue reading Flash Fiction: Furry Friend

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Flash Fiction Friday: Betrayal

“I can’t betray him,” Rocky said. Simon groaned. “I told you, it’s not a betrayal. It’s just a little fun. Besides, why are you so loyal to the guy? He’s not that devoted to you.” “What do you mean? Taylor’s my best friend.” “Really? Would a best friend ignore you for weeks without explanation?” Rocky… Continue reading Flash Fiction Friday: Betrayal

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Flash Fiction Friday: Midnight Snack

The cat needed food. Joanie groaned and looked at the clock beside her bed. One thirty-two A.M. Fantastic. She crawled out of the sheets and took care of business as fast as her tired muscles would allow. With one final pat on Max’s head and a prayer that he wouldn’t wake her again, she climbed… Continue reading Flash Fiction Friday: Midnight Snack

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Caffeinated Convo: Dogs vs. Cats

Yep! I went there! Okay, okay. I know this is a heated topic. (No fighting, guys!!) But I had to throw it out there. Why you ask? One simple answer: We got a kitty this week! Eep! His name is Max and we love that he has no tail! *swoon* (Born that way, so I… Continue reading Caffeinated Convo: Dogs vs. Cats