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Flash Fiction Friday: Tricksters

“Is it true that Brownies play tricks on people, Wesley? Like spoil milk and break dishes?” the little girl asked. She sat, legs crossed, beneath an oak tree. Wesley scrunched his nose. “Brownies? What d’you mean, Ellie?” “Faeries.” Ellie tilted her blonde head of curls, blue eyes blinking at her sibling. “Oh, right. Yeah.” He… Continue reading Flash Fiction Friday: Tricksters

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Flash Fiction Friday: Honey

"Heather, did you take the honey?" The little girl withered. "It was a full jar," Momma said. "Well...." Heather fidgeted with her dress. Momma crossed her arms. "Did you give it to your imaginary friends again?" Heather looked down. "How many times have I told you?" her Momma huffed. "It's a waste of food! We'll… Continue reading Flash Fiction Friday: Honey