Caffeinated Speculation: Have you seen the trailer for “It”?

All right, where are my Stephen King fans? Are you obsessed with his books? Love his movies? If so, this post is for you!

So, this week the brand new trailer for Stephen King’s “It” came out. (You can watch it here, if you’re brave enough!) I have a confession—I probably wouldn’t have even known this movie was coming out if it weren’t for my teenaged girls. See, we happen to be pretty big “Stranger Things” fans. (Like we have a countdown for season 2 in flashing neon lights dead center of our living room. Just kidding! The colors are in glitter, not neon. *winky face*) Anywho…just as any teen likes to do, my girls particularly enjoy following their favorite actors on every form of social media possible. (“Watch this clip of Gaten Matarazzo falling, mom! It’s hilarious!”) Naturally, they know every single detail of every star of the show and regularly tweet to them. (*Mom hides face in palm*) My middle daughter even bought the same ring Millie Bobby Brown wears because, duh! That makes her just like Millie!

I digress. Back to confession: Okay, so the only reason “IT” was on my radar in the first place is because Mike from ST (Finn Wolfhard—And yes, my “middle” also owns the “Finn Wolfhard” T-shirt!) happens to be in “It”! Are you following me? (Phew. I think I need to sit down.) So, my girls have been waiting eagerly for this trailer to come out and this week their heads exploded into a million pieces because it did.

The end.

Okay, maybe not. But they did get super excited and have watched the thing a billion-and-one times already, if that’s a thing. But here’s the sad part—their writer-mama has never even read this book. (*Writer-mama runs and hides in corner*) Yes, yes. I hear you guffawing but really, I like horror just as much as any other girl, but I haven’t read this book. Because, CLOWNS!

Ack! Are you kidding me? I’ve never wanted to read the book—or certainly never see the original movie—because I don’t have a death wish of clowns. But here’s the thing: I think I’m going to read it now. For real! I’m geared up and ready to hit the library today so I can grab me a copy of the SK-man and read up on some scary scary clownage. And the weird part is, I’m sort of excited about it.

This begs the question: Will I be in the theater in September when this baby hits the big screen? Answer: If I can get through the stupid book, then yes. I’d like to see how the movie compares. One thing is for certain, though. I’ll be sitting alone in that overly crowded theater watching Pennywise scare little children because neither of my girls will be with me. They’ve watched the trailer a hundred times but have already said they’re too afraid to see the movie. Because, ya know…


What about you? Have you read the book? Seen the original? Plan to the see new installment? What are you thoughts on this classic horror novel and where is your excitement level in this whole thing? Feel free to share below! I’d love to find someone who’s just as scared of clowns as I am!

Screen Shot 2017-03-30 at 7.44.12 AM

Freaking scary poster for the freaking scary movie.


The Art of Books

This post will be a change from the ordinary, as it doesn’t have anything to do with writing or reading. But it does have to do with books, which is the next best thing, amiright?

So, recently I won a prize basket through our local library which included the most unique gift I’d received in a while! A book with pages folded in to create the word ‘write’. How awesome is that? I almost did a backflip when I got it. (Except for the fact that I can’t actually do a real honest-to-God backflip. So there’s that.)

Anywho, for well over a month now I’ve had this in the back of my mind to research and possibly try out for myself. And with Christmas around the corner, now seemed like a good time! So, I Googled it and learned all the In’s and Out’s of this new thing (to me, anyway!) called The Art of Book Folding. (I have no idea if that’s it’s official name or if I just sort of made that up. But it sounds good to me!) And the good news is, I thought I’d share my discovery with you! Yippee!

The pictures I have posted here are gifts I intend to pass along to celebrate Christmas! (Hence the Christmasy words and all.) But there are templates available on the internet to make pretty much any word or picture you can think of! I’m fairly psyched about my newfound art-form!

What about you? Have you ever heard of this unique form of Book Art? Have you tried it? What other crafts have you been trying out over the holidays? Feel free to share below! I’d love to hear from you!

Happy reading (and folding!), friends.

Flash Fiction Friday: The Bookstore

Dust mites play on waves of sunlight. The few sharp rays that cut through the dirty window are a spotlight on weathered bindings of ancient books. The used bookstore is a hole in the wall, set in the most remote part of downtown, off the most remote back alley I can find. Books explode off each shelf, tower in stacks against each wall. It’s a wonder anyone can find this place.

But somehow I did.

I mill around the musty section in the back, “Gardening” and “Self-Help.” Gardening can be considered therapeutic, I guess. A tickle in my nose demands that I leave this place at once, but the treasure of an undiscovered bookstore won’t allow it. Another tickle and I stifle a sneeze.

“Bless you,” comes a male voice from the next aisle over.

A gasp catches in my throat and my heart speeds. I’m not alone down here?

“Thank you,” I mumble, then shove my nose back into the offending pages.

“Looking for Romance?” he says again.

I blink. “Excuse me?”

He laughs. “I mean, are you looking for a romance novel?”

My cheeks burn and suddenly I’m happy he’s a whole aisle over. “Oh.” I tilt the book in my hand. Construction of Castles and Cathedrals. Nope, definitely not romance. “Erm…art.” Architecture is considered art, right?

“If you like medieval stuff, there’s a good one over here. About a knight and a maiden. Castles, too, of course.” The humor in his voice makes my belly twist and warm. This guy sounds cute.

I shove the book I hold back on the shelf and take a step.

“That is, if you enjoy romance.” The man’s voice is forceful.

I wince and stop in my tracks. Did he not want to meet me? Why invite me over, only to scare the heebie-jeebies out of me? “Uh, yeah. I’m down for a good romance, once in a while.” I clear my throat.


“Mind if I come over?”


Okay, this is weird now.

I walk around the corner. The aisle is empty. Other than the million books that line each side of it. My brow pushes together and stomach sinks. Well, Mr. Cute Guy certainly isn’t interested in anything long term.

A book sits on top of all the rest, slipped neatly against the top of the shelf, but stuck out just enough to catch my eye. I pick it up. The Knight and His Maiden. Well, that guy was literal in his description.

I crinkle my nose and put it back, turn to leave–

“You sure you don’t want the book?” His voice again.

My feet spin in place. Nothing. No one. Not a single soul here. My heart pounds in confusion.

“Take the book. I think you’ll find you need it.”

I reach out, take it in my hand. Flip open the cover.

“Wise decision.”

My jaw drops.

The book holds the voice of my companion.


©Laura L. Zimmerman 2016


Photo credit Unsplash Eli Francis