Orphan Queen (Book One of The Four Kingdoms)

ORPHAN QUEEN is a middle-grade medieval fantasy adventure novel. It is the first book in THE FOUR KINGDOMS novel series.

Current status: Seeking publication.

BW Braid

Willow is an orphan who has been given the chance to become Queen of Keppadocia–but getting there is only the beginning of her battle.

Lothdaemos–split into Four Kingdoms long before Willow was born–destined to be united again.

Brought to the island as a child, Willow trains to become a princess–but nothing can prepare her for the future that awaits. Now fourteen, she faces an unexpected marriage to a boy more like a brother than soul mate; fights her fear of imminent war with the Vorden kingdom; and doubts the whispers of a power far greater than anyone has ever known.

Can she become the queen that Keppadocia needs in time of war, and have the strength to do what’s right, no matter the cost?