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Flash Fiction Friday: Lost and Found

Photo by chuttersnap on Unsplash

The last bell of the day buzzed through the classrooms of the junior high. Doors flew open and the hallways were flooded with students ready to enjoy the weekend.

“Hey, Trevor!” A small boy with cracked glasses and shaggy hair ran down the hall.

Trevor stopped, adjusted his backpack. “What’s up, Noah?”

Noah panted. “Where you headed?”

“Lost and found.”

“Sweet. I’ll join you. I’ve been missing my black hoodie since Monday.”

“Oh yeah. The one with the rainbow colored bear holding the white balloons that says Be Different on the back?”


Trevor chuckled. “I always liked that one.”

They rounded another corner, this hallway devoid of students.

“What’re you looking for?” Noah brushed hair from his eyes.

“Just a couple things I misplaced this morning.”


The pair entered the last room on the right.

Mrs. Sullivan greeted them with a smile. “How can I help you boys?”

“Yeah, I’m here ‘cause I lost a couple things.” Trevor squinted at the line up of goods along the back wall. “Those right there. That’s them.”

Mrs. Sullivan retrieved the items, walking them toward Trevor. “Are these your parents?”

“Yep!” Trevor pulled back his dad’s shirt to show her the tag. Property of Trevor Huggins. “See?”

“Very well.” Mrs. Sullivan patted Trevor on the head. “Glad you claimed them. Have a nice day!”


©Laura L. Zimmerman 2020

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