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KEEN Blog Tour: Day Seven!

Photo Credit Unsplash by Aaron Burden

We’ve got a special treat today! Not only is it day seven of our tour, but fellow author Ruth Douthitt has shared an interview with me about KEEN on her podcast A Writer’s Day!

You can find the podcast link here. Ruth and I had a great time talking about writing as therapy, the writing process, and the challenges of writing in the YA market. I look forward to getting to talk with her again!

Today’s Blog Tour stop is a Behind-the-Scenes Feature with Laurie Lucking, www.landsuncharted.comSwing by her blog to learn the inspiration behind Caoine’s personality! *hearty eyes*

Don’t miss tomorrow’s post when we visit J.M. Hackman at for another Behind-the-Scenes Feature!! I hope you’re enjoying the tour. And if anyone’s keeping count, we’ve got TWO days until RELEASE DAY! *faints*

Happy day, friends!

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