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KEEN Blog Tour: Day One!

Keen Blog Tour Banner

It’s that time!! KEEN is a week and a day from releasing so it’s time for the blog tour to begin! *throws confetti*

Are you as excited to dive into the world of KEEN as I am? Check out the blog tour list at the bottom so you don’t miss out on fun behind the scenes, visuals and interviews that are ALL KEEN! *squeals*

Today you get DOUBLE YOUR BLOG POSTS! There are TWO blog posts for the first stop of the tour! *cartwheel* Swing by to learn about the banshee lore behind KEEN, and to meet the cast of KEEN! Enjoy, and please leave a comment on their posts telling them what you think of today’s peek into the book!

Thank you Katherine and Rebecca for hosting me today! And thank you for taking this journey with me, friends! *heart*


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