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Flash Fiction Friday: Do You Wanna Know?

“Wanna know when you’re gonna die?”

Samantha shivered. Was Janie serious? What a morbid thought.

She and her fellow eighth grader stood beneath a tree, outside the gates of the old Hamilton Cemetery. This classic rite of passage was their task for this All Hallows’ Eve.

“I’ll go first.” Janie lifted her chin.

Samantha watched as her friend walked back and forth in front of the cemetery gate four times. She paused on the last pass.

“It…it worked!” Janie ran back, her eyes wide. “I saw when I die.”


“I’m old. Like, really old. White hair, wrinkly skin. I mean, I think it’s me. I’m lying in a hospital bed.” Janie shrugged.

Samantha squinted. “I don’t know. I’m not sure I believe in this.”

Janie shook her head. “I swear, I totally saw something.”

“Yeah, right.” But Samantha strolled over to the gate, anyway.

She rolled her eyes as she returned from the ritual.

“Well?” Janie asked.


“You didn’t see anything?”

“Nope. I’m done with this. I’m heading to the party.”

Samantha turned to walk away. Janie scrunched her face. “Wait. I see another vision.”

“Sure you do.” Samantha crossed her arms.

“That’s weird. You’re dressed like you are now and we’re both right here in the cemetery. All I see is a bright flash of light.”

“You can drop the act, Jan—”

A clap of thunder crashed overhead. Janie lunged forward, knocking Samantha on her bottom. Lightening struck the spot, the grass where Samantha once stood glowing with embers.

Both girls shook with fright as they fought to catch their breath.

Janie swallowed. “Happy Halloween, Samantha.”


©Laura L. Zimmerman 2018

Photo by Altınay Dinç on Unsplash

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