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Untold Podcast–“Serpent Quest” Feature and Time to Vote!

It’s open! It’s open! The voting is open on Untold podcast! *throws confetti*

You might remember a post from a couple weeks ago about my excitement over one of my recent flash fiction stories. (Check out the post here, if you missed it!)

To sum it up, my story, Serpent Quest, is a finalist in the Good Snakes flash fiction contest! (You can hear my story here.) And now is the time to go do the actual voting! I’d of course love it if you happened to vote for moi (merci beaucoup!), but you really should go listen to all the stories. Every single one of them is fantastic! I am seriously honored just to have finaled with such talented writers. 

So, Go. Listen. Vote. Then eat some cake in celebration. No one said you had to be the one to win the prize to cash in on the partying, right? *wink, wink*

Voting will remain open until March 7th at 1pm EST. You can vote everyday, so do that if you’re, ya know, voting for mine! *hearty eyes* All five stories and the voting page can be found here. Wipe those cake crumbs off your face and GO, GO GO!

Vote for your favorite story! *cartwheel and flip, then slithers away*

Thanks, CF friends! ~Laura

Photo by Chris Barton on Unsplash

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