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Caffeinated Speculation: 13th Doctor Announced!

First off, I realize it’s not Thursday. But considering I’ve either missed or had other stuff to post for the past number of Thursdays, I figured I could get away with a little Caffeinated Speculation on a Monday! 🙂 I was actually tempted to post this last night but then thought I’d give the world a good twenty-four hours to digest the news of the 13th Doctor announcement! 

Which leads us to this week’s speculation: Sooo, what do you think?? 

If you haven’t been anywhere within a mile of technology in the past day, I’ll clue you in to the fact that the internet has exploded with the disclosure of the final doctor (or is it?) on the hit TV show, Doctor Who. You can check out the announcement that Jodie Whittaker will be playing the role, here.

My personal opinion: It’s about time! 

And no, I’m not excited that the Doctor is a woman just because I happen to be one. *wink* There are many reasons I think a female Doctor is a good idea but I won’t bore you with my thoughts. I want to hear from you!

Are YOU excited to see a female play the role for the final Doctor? Feel free to comment below and share your thoughts!

Screen Shot 2017-07-17 at 2.10.11 PM
Newly announced Doctor, Jodie Whittaker (image: Colin Hutton, BBC)

13 thoughts on “Caffeinated Speculation: 13th Doctor Announced!”

  1. I’m VERY excited that the new Doctor is a woman. It’s been long-established that Timelords can regenerate as either sex, so it’s a little unbelievable that he/she/they (this is going to make pronouns hard, lol) would always regenerate as a man. It will definitely change the dynamic of the show. And I’m waiting to see who the new companion will be, as that will affect things as well.
    I bet casting Capaldi before bringing in a woman was a deliberate choice, as many of the newer fans to the show are girls who had crushes on Tennant and Smith. Probably eased the transition a bit.

    1. I agree. I suspect the writers have got some big stuff up their sleeves. 🎉 There are things they couldn’t do before that will now be possible. Hrrrmmm… 😉

      1. Well exactly. Also the Doctor’s assistant has historically been female, will that change? I like the choice too, she has that air of confidence and intelligence. But I hope they also preserve that time lord crazy. Interesting times.

      2. Oh yes!! We need that crazy time lord! 😉 I was wondering about the assistant too–or will there be multiple assistants? (Like Amy and Rory??)

      3. Oh goody! Another fellow sci-fi geek! 😀
        I’ve got some stories I posted today if you’re interested. I’ve also been trying to get support for a scifi hub where bloggers contribute in a single place help get more visibility.
        Have a look 😊

  2. She’s caused a bit of a divide in my household! I’m all for her, whereas my Girlfriend doesn’t like the change. She’s the huge Dr Who fan out of both of us (tattoos and all) so will be interesting to see if she woos her over. I definitely think it will add a bit of freshness to the series, and hopefully bring some new dynamics with it.

    The only one thing I don’t want them to do,is make it all heavy handed. I don’t want to focus on her being female, no “Look I’m a Woman” or “Look, Women can be heroes too”. This is an area where they need to show, rather than tell. I think she’s a fantastic actress I think she’s going to really wow the non-believers when it finally kicks off.

    1. I agree! I hope they don’t overdo the woman thing. Maybe if they’re subtle enough and stick to the true character of the Doctor they might win over your girlfriend. 😁 And others that are skeptical!! Here’s hoping! 🎉

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