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Caffeinated Convo: How do you stay active?

Confession time: I would love to be a runner. 

Weird, I know, but it’s true. I’ve got lots of friends who run 5K’s, train for marathons, or even lead the local chapter of their Girls on the Run group. Every time I see a picture on Facebook or hear one of them talk about their adventures on the trail, a little niggle in my heart says, Take me, too! Alas, running is not for me. I learned back in high school that I inherited my grandmother’s knees (Thanks, Gigi!), which basically means they were made weird and do weird things and cause weird pain when it shouldn’t and makes it hard to do things in general. Like run. And jump. And climb stairs. *sigh*

But enough with that pity party. I also learned long ago how important it is that I keep my legs and core strong, so I can do those normal things (like climbing stairs) without (too much) pain. So I found a workout program that works for me and I have figured out how to easily modify if it gets too high-impact. Les Mills has a series of programs that my gym back in PA offered. My most favorite is Body Flowyoga, tai chi, and pilates mix–that I would absolutely do every. single. day. in a perfect world. (Here’s praying for that perfect world!) Next I love, love, love Body Combata mixed martial arts cardio program. Yes, there are jumping jacks and jump kicks, but if it’s too much for my knees, a good old-fashioned squat always does the trick! Of all the exercise programs or just plain cardio machines I’ve done over the years, this program definitely gives me the best endurance overall. I used to do Body Pump-a weight lifting mix–but my shoulder took a turn for the worse a few years back (old age or just bad luck??) so I haven’t done it recently. But I hope to strengthen my shoulder back up so I can try it again, sometime this year. (As I’ve said every year since I stopped doing it. *blink*)

Anywho, what about you? How do you stay fit? Are you a hiker? Do you love BeachBody? Or are you going to make me jealous and say you’re a runner? (No worries!! I promise not to hate!) Please leave a comment below and share your favorite ways to stay active. Maybe you’ll inspire someone to try something new!!

Let’s get to talking, friends!

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13 thoughts on “Caffeinated Convo: How do you stay active?”

  1. I would love to run, too!!! I just … *sigh* I’m a nerdy teenager, so it really isn’t in my cards. 😉

    I’m not fit … but I’m just average, ya know? But anyways, I’m a dancer. I dance ballet and pointe over the school year. Sometimes I do some of my mom’s exercise videos, but that’s about it. Oh, my dad’s a huge gardener, so I help out with him sometimes. I dug a pond this/last year. I’m not super active. 😛

    1. Oh my goodness, Alyssa!! Being a dancer IS being fit!! That’s some serious exercise!! 😉 I never exercised outside of dance when I was in high school either. I did ballet (not pointe–ouch!), modern, and jazz–that was enough for me! 😉 But I do understand the ‘nerdy teenager’ thing–I have always rather wanted my nose in a book, than anything else. 🙂

    1. Awesome!! I wish I could say I’ve done a 5K. 😉 My husband used to run (he had to stop for health issues, too) and he used to say it was addictive. He’d go for a leisurely run and would ‘accidentally’ run 13 miles. I was like, “That’s a half marathon! Are you nuts?!” Lol. 😉 It’s good you didn’t hate it. I know some people who really hate it, but do it to stay fit. I wouldn’t want to do any of my classes if I hated them. 😛

      1. Hahahaha! I really only stopped running because my coach in college made it a terrible experience for me. I’ve slowly started liking it again and I want to run the Disney princess half marathon someday!

  2. I tried running a few years back, and my knees disliked me for it. I’d still like to run some form of race one day, but I’m currently lacking motivation for it. In the meantime, I’m happy hiking in the nearby countryside 🙂 I started playing squash last year, but haven’t continued with it since moving to France. (I was hopeless, but it was great fun!)

    1. Oh fun! Squash! I’ve never tried that one before. But hiking in the countryside is plenty of exercise! 🙂 I’ll bet it doesn’t feel like exercise, either, since the scenery is probably beautiful. That’s one thing about hiking–how pretty it is. Yet, I still never do it enough! Go figure! 😛

      1. Squash was great fun – except when my poor coordination led to me being hit in the face with the ball! That’s what I really like about hiking – the fact that it doesn’t feel like exercise (though my legs disagree when I get home). I guess the trouble is if you don’t live near enough to a national/ regional park, then it takes more effort than some more urban sports.

      2. True. I’ve always lived somewhere close to good hiking, so I guess I’ve just been spoiled! I need to appreciate what I have. ☺️ And, I had no idea squash could be dangerous! 😜 Is it like cricket?

      3. Likewise, I’ve never been too far from the countryside – something I’ll miss if the inevitable happens and I find myself in London for work next year. Hmm, more like tennis I suppose, only it has a sort of half-court and you hit the ball off a wall rather than over a net, if that makes sense 😛 Worth trying if you get the chance though!

      4. Oh ha! Yes, I remember squash now. Not sure why I had cricket stuck in my head. 😉 Maybe I’ll invent a new sport that a cross between cricket and squash for one of my books. 😂

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