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Caffeinated Convo: What’s Your Favorite Road Trip Game?

Here we are! Another week, another convo. And before you ask, NO, this column hasn’t changed to Wednesday’s. But we lost internet connection almost a week ago and have been in the car for two straight days. (Insert fanny-fatigue here.) Hoping I can get things back on track by next week! *wink, wink*

Having said that, let’s get to this week’s question!

What’s your favorite road trip game?

Can you guess what inspired this question? (Ha!) Seventeen hours in a car encouraged quite a few game ideas to help pass the time. Our travels through Arizona, New Mexico, Texas and Oklahoma wouldn’t have been the same without some fun! For our family, car-game-excitement means either the License Plate game or the Going on a Picnic game. The former is a good “long-haul” game, since we choose to combine the plates we see over the entire trip, and not just by the day. And the latter is challenging mentally and helps keep us all awake! (Which in turns helps keep the driver awake, right? Right.)

What about you? Do you have a favorite game you play on road trips? Have a different twist to an old favorite you’d like to share? Please leave a comment below and let’s talk!

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5 thoughts on “Caffeinated Convo: What’s Your Favorite Road Trip Game?”

  1. Making words from number plates. “Sxy 21 grl” sexy 21yrold girl the best one wins. This probably only works on Plates in England…just as your fanny comment belongs in America, it made me choke while gulping tea… brown tears are not a good look in a busy cafe.

    1. Ha! That’s hilarious!! My children and I were just talking today about the differences in language and how something said in England may mean something completely different here in the US. Lol. I literally just had to Google what it means for you and I now might never use that term again!! 😉 Thanks for a laugh!!

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