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Caffeinated Convo: Early Bird or Night Owl?

Ahhh, the age-old question: Are you an early bird or a night owl? Google this topic and you’ll find a plethora of posts defending why one is better than the other, or which great historical figures fell into what category. But despite what the media might lead you to believe, there has never really been one correct answer when it comes to our creativity, right? Whether you are more productive as an early bird or as a night owl depends entirely on you as an individual. You just need to figure out which category you fall into and roll with it!

Where do I land? Well, if you’d asked me that fifteen years ago, the answer would’ve been absolutely, undeniably, whole-heartedly a night owl! For most of my life, the bulk of my creative inspiration always seemed to hit sometime around the midnight hour. I had no problem staying awake into the wee-hours of the morning if the creativity was flowing. Since my children have been born? Not so much. I’ll never know if it was all those nights I stayed awake against my will (as a baby wailed her lungs out) or if my body just decided it needed a change. But all I ever feel after the 10pm timeframe is tired and brain dead. Zombie-time! Furthermore, I was shocked to discover a few years ago that I actually work amazingly well in the early morning! (And by this I mean 6am-ish. I’m not that much of a crazy-person!) Give me 30-60 minutes before breakfast and I can have 1000-1500 words written, no problem. Boo ya! Apparently, I’m an “early bird writer”. 

What about you? Do you think best early in the morning or does the dark of night work for you? I’d love to hear the different routines you have that keeps your creativity flowing! Please leave a comment below! 

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13 thoughts on “Caffeinated Convo: Early Bird or Night Owl?”

    1. So true!! As much as I know my best time to write is early morning, I find lately it’s been afternoon simply because of my youngest daughter’s bus schedule for school! 🙂

  1. I don’t think there’s a particular time of day for me. Some days I’ll wake an hour before the rest of the hosue and some flash fiction will just pour out; other days I need the quiet after a busy day to craft something. If I wait for the perfect time and conditions to write, I’ll never get anything done, so I write sitting on the toilet seat while the kids are in the bath and while waiting at the school gates. 🙂

      1. You’re a patient person. I’m trying to learn to write by pen and paper. But my brain thinks faster than my hands move! 😂

      2. I find I am more creative with pen and paper, or at least go off on tangents. Writing an ‘s’ uses a different part of the brain to just hitting identical keys on a laptop I think.

      3. Interesting. I think it just helps my patience to take the time to write by hand. I really need to stop complaining and do it more! 😂

  2. When it comes to writing, I’m a night owl (but I also do share a room with both sisters … and both are much more pleasant if they’re woken up in the night versus morning), but for EVERYTHING else I’m a morning person! 😉

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