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Caffeinated Speculation: Jurassic Park or Jurassic World?

This week I grabbed my daughters and headed to the local Renaissance Faire here in AZ. We stumbled upon a new booth I’d never seen before–the Medieval Mapmaker. What caught my eye was a display of the map of Middle Earth. After approaching the booth I discovered an array of every fantasy map you could desire! From Star Wars to Equestria to The Princess Bride. One in particular stood out–the original Jurassic Park! Of course we snatched it up (as seen here), because who doesn’t want a map of the original JP? Amiright?

Isn’t she a beaut?


Yesterday I got an email from Netflix informing me that the original Jurassic Park has been added for instant watch. Coincidence? Okay, yeah. It probably totally is. But either way, my love of this cult classic was prodded and stoked once more, as I reflected on happy memories of childhood and this monumental movie. (Fine. I was in college. It’s still my childhood…sort of.) No matter where I am, when I hear that theme song, my blood starts pumping with excitement! I mean, come on! Don’t you remember the scene where they’re in the jeeps and get out to look around and Dr. Hammond says, “Welcome to Jurassic Park”, then the camera pans to a view of all the fun dinos? Chills, my friends. Chills.

Alas! My eldest daughter threw a wrench in my memory-musing as she brought up Jurassic World, the new reboot with Chris Pratt and Bryce Dallas-Howard released in 2015. You guys, my kid flipped over this movie when it came out. It’s all she wanted for her birthday when it was released on DVD and she made a point one week of watching it every single day just to prove she could. (Rest assured, she’s watched it far more than 7 times! Possibly verging on the 700 mark, by now!)

So I reflect: Jurassic Park. Jurassic World. Is one better than the other? They’re both well done, great actors, fantastic graphics, solid storylines. Must I choose between one or the other? Or do we live in a universe where both might be equally amazingly perfect in memory and reality? Maybe. Maybe my daughter and I are both right and all is well in the world once more.

As long as that world has a Jurassic Park.



1 thought on “Caffeinated Speculation: Jurassic Park or Jurassic World?”

  1. I think that I’m the only one in my family who truly loves Jurassic Park. ❤ I just love the fact that the science could possibly be just out of our reach … and how catastrophic that could be! ❤ I mean, I wasn't allowed to watch Jurassic Park until last year or the year before (fourteen, I think. Maybe thirteen.), and I only watched Jurassic World at the end of last year. But man, I love them!

    I agree, though! It's hard to choose a favorite!

    (I also ADORE that map!! I really wish that I had found that booth… XD )

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