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October Challenge: #OctWriteTweet

Hello Caffeinated Fiction friends! Well, I finally decided what my October Writing Challenge will be! It’s something I made up, since I didn’t find the right kind of inspiration via the internet!

My October Writing Challenge is: #OctWriteTweet

The idea is simple–Every single day for the month of October, I will post a line I’ve written, on Twitter. The only rule is that the line must be something new I’ve written that day, from a work of fiction. (Basically, taking a line from a blog post doesn’t count.)

Why this challenge? Well, I hope to kill two birds with one stone in this challenge–both of which have to do with consistency. First off, I love, love, love to write, but often allow daily stuff of life to get in the way. I end up going to bed frustrated. My mind is filled with a million words that want to be released from my brain but my eyes are too tired to stay open to allow it to happen. Ugh! Secondly, my contributions to Twitterverse are completely Jekyl and Hyde. I’ll go days without a word, then I’ll tweet ten things in a single day. So unbalanced!

Soooo, this challenge is to encourage me to get writing every. single. day., and then to get those words into the world via Twitter–every. single. day. Got it?

Who wants to join in the fun? Feel free to leave a comment below or contact me through Twitter! Post your lines on Twitter using the hashtag #OctWriteTweet! I’d love to see what you all have written!

Happy writing, friends!

Photo cred. Unsplash Alvaro Serrano

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