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goals and books about mermaids…

It’s done! Today I put the glorious words THE END on the final chapter of my current manuscript. Yippee!! 

the end

I had the goal of finishing it up by the end of April, when I joined Camp NaNoWriMo, but the story got away from me and I knew I still had a handful of chapters left by the time the last day of the month rolled around. Enter in the first week of May and I was bound and determined to get. this. thing. done. As of last night, I knew I had reached the end of the story, with just the final climax to write. So when I went to bed, I announced to the world (read: family) that today was going to be an all or nothing day! I would not stop writing until I finished the book. 

This morning I woke up and got started right at 6:45am, with only a few stops – to drop my youngest at preschool, pick her back up (that’s an important one to remember) and to make lunch! Fast forward to 2:45pm and 6414 words later, and I had finished! Today I wrote 6 chapters alone, so my original assumption that I had a ‘handful’ chapters left was definitely blown out of the water. (Ha! That’s a pun you’ll get in the next paragraph!)  

Now on to other questions… What is the book about? I know, I know. I’ve kept you in suspense long enough. *wink!* Ok, so this one is book 2 in a YA fantasy series about a girl who discovers a world of mermaids and mermen! The working series title is The Prophecy Tails and this installment is called Ascend. The first book in the series – titled Arise – I wrote over the months of January and February, after coming up with the idea from a dream I had about our poor fish that had died a few days before. (Fair thee well, Ren the fish!) When I began it, I had no intention of it ever becoming a series, but as I got closer to finishing book 1, I knew there was more story to tell. In fact, I now have an entire storyline for book 3, too! (Although, I’m fairly certain I’ll take the rest of the month off to edit.) *cheesy smile emoji* 

Pix Mermaid Stock

Having said that, book 1 is under intense revision, so I’m hoping these will be publishable in the very near future! *cartwheel, skip* 

What about you? What sorts of projects are you working on? I’d love to hear below!

Happy reading, friends!


6 thoughts on “goals and books about mermaids…”

  1. That’s awesome! It’s always fun to finish the first draft! Though I’ve rewritten the ending to my first book a couple of times haha. But still NOTHING like that feeling of being done. Then of course there’s going back….to edit…ugh

    Taking a break is a good idea.

    I am also working on a series. I kind of wrote book 2 and 3 simultaneously. When I would get stuck while writing book 2 (which was the hardest of the 3) I would jump over and work on book 3. I’ve also for the last 6 months, been alternating editing between each book each month. I think that has helped me identify continuity issues and make sure everything is consistent and lines up.

  2. You amaze me at how quickly you can crank out a book. I wish I could do that. Always love your story ideas, too, and I can’t wait to read each and every book you write!

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