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Flash Fiction Friday: Bump in the Night

Quick stop at the library, building locked, lights dimmed low. Thankful for the book drop, after hours grace for the absent minded.

Midway to the building the sounds come, two distinct voices, neither human nor animal.

What could that be? 

Meow of a cat or howl of a wolf, possibly a pair of teens hidden in shadows for a practical joke.

Pace quickened, steps close and clipped. Books delivered, I head back. Cries ring once more, a tremble in my spirit.

Noises louder, my run now frantic. Safe inside my car.

The origin of my scare, a mystery to stay.


© Laura L. Zimmerman 2016

Screen Shot 2016-03-31 at 9.33.41 PM

2 thoughts on “Flash Fiction Friday: Bump in the Night”

    1. Lol. This ACTUALLY happened last night! After Scribes ended, I ran by the library to drop some books. I still don’t know if what I heard was an animal or human, but it was loud and scared the piddle out of me! 😉 Even a bunny ran past me in fear!! Lol. I came right home and wrote this while the adrenaline was still pumping!

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