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“Fallen Ashes” – Where are you?

So, last summer I did a big cover reveal for my upcoming novel, “Fallen Ashes”. I got a ton of positive feedback and have since then had multiple people ask me when it’s coming out! 🙂


If you’ve kept up with my last few posts, you’ll know I’m participating in the National Novel Writing Month challenge – specifically to revise this novel. I’m here to report that things are going swimmingly! 😉 I’m about 1/4 of the way through the novel and have had a couple medium-ish sized re-writes. I do anticipate quite a large re-write coming up near the middle. But I’m hoping that the end is strong enough that revision will go faster by the time I get there. 🙂


The plan is to have this baby in the hands of some readers who would like to give feedback, by the New Year. Depending on re-writes after that, will decide how quickly this will be in your hands, then! Woo Hoo!!


Interested in being a beta reader for me? This is a adult Pararomance novel, so if that’s your genre, please leave a comment or message me privately! Until then, keep checking back because I intend on creating some excitement by posting some excerpts from the book! And I’ll need your help in letting others know about this puppy, so I’m thinking some give-aways will be in order, as well! 😉

Happy reading, friends!!

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