Cover Reveal! Fallen Ashes

Here it is! The day has come when you get to finally see the cover for my new full length Fantasy Romance novel coming out Fall 2014! Woot!


A big thank you to for the awesome cover design! We went through many different ideas and revisions but I’m super thrilled with the design we finally settled on! 🙂 And also thank you to for promoting the Cover Reveal! This reveal is being listed in multiple blogs and through Twitter today – exciting! 😉

Synopsis: Evangeline, a recent widow who lost her husband in a car accident, suddenly finds herself a single mom of three. When a strange man shows up at their door insisting they come with him or face imminent danger, she must decide if she can trust him with their lives. What secrets is he hiding and what is his connection to her late husband? Why does he seem to have power that marks him as extraordinary… possibly supernatural? As the days pass on their journey together, she can no longer deny the attraction she feels for him… nor his reaction to her, as well. Will he be able to save Evie and her children from those who hunted down her husband? More importantly, will she be able to trust this stranger with her heart?

Happy Reading, friends! 😉

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