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Title Release!

Drum roll please! 

After much thought and deliberation (eh, a coupla days and input from Tim and Brandy) I have finally settled on the title of my romance novel.

“Fallen Ashes” !!! (Weeee! *insert cartwheels and dancing clowns*)

(OK, not dancing clowns because my daughter’s scared of them. Choose something else to your liking ;))

This will be my first full length novel and will be released fall 2014. It is a clean romance with a Fantasy element, appropriate for all ages. (Not necessarily written for young adults, but the plot revolves around the main characters teen children.) Keep checking back for an official Cover release coming sometime soon!!

I plan to fill the next few months with giveaways for this awesome new book, so be sure to follow my blog, twitter, facebook, etc, so you don’t miss out on your chance to win a free copy! 🙂

Until then, Happy reading, friends!

#fallenashes #youngadult #romance #angel #hushhush

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